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Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky speaks on Howard Zinn this Sunday at SUNY-New Paltz

I’ve always wanted to own a tee-shirt inscribed with the words “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” That’s Noam Chomsky’s famous example of an utterance that any native English-speaker would recognize as absolutely grammatical…

Photo of Huguenot Street in winter by Lucia O’Corozine

“Cross-Dressing, Misrule and Mayhem: Christmas before Santa in Early America”

Most of us are aware by now that a lot of the revelries that we associate with Christmas actually predate Christianity, reflecting Yule or Midwinter rituals of the Celts and Saxons. In centuries…

Photo of Kevin Berger and Julia Register  in Fat Ram by Jack Wade

SUNY-New Paltz stages Fat Ram, two Medieval plays

Life in Europe’s Middle Ages was short and brutish: an epoch of miserable cold beset by plague, a time when to be an outcast meant that you risked being burned at the stake…

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Dorsky unveils new show & hosts collecting symposium

Creation. Appreciation. Supply and demand. Does an individual artwork ever truly pass into oblivion? Such textual considerations, and many more, will arise as part of a November 12 symposium on “Curating and Collecting…

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