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Photo of farm field in Dutchess County by Dion Ogust.

Delve into our communal past during New York Heritage Weekend

Special events & deals throughout the region to unlock the mysteries of history Along with “staycations,” “heritage tourism” is a marketing concept that has gotten amplified buzz in these past few years, ever…

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Will Hermes to speak on ‘70s NYC music scene

Just when it seems as though nothing new could possibly emerge from within the bounds of a given form, the form changes. It might happen so subtly that you don’t see it coming….

Photo of Huguenot Street in winter by Lucia O’Corozine

“Cross-Dressing, Misrule and Mayhem: Christmas before Santa in Early America”

Most of us are aware by now that a lot of the revelries that we associate with Christmas actually predate Christianity, reflecting Yule or Midwinter rituals of the Celts and Saxons. In centuries…

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Spin cycle: Unison lecture on controversial year 2012

The year 2012 looms large in the ancient Mayan calendar: the year in which it was prophesied that the world would end, as you’ve probably heard. But it turns out that apocalyptic characterization…

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New Paltz unwraps holiday window displays this Friday

If you’re in town this Thursday and Friday and notice that all your favorite New Paltz shops are covering their windows with paper, do not worry that yet another downturn in the economy…

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Party with the departed!

Actually, there are two succeeding Days of the Dead in Mexico, reflecting the fusion of the ancient Aztec festival of the goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Queen of the Underworld, with two Christian holy days…

Photo of historian Susan Stessin-Cohn at work in the field by Lauren Thomas

Susan Stessin-Cohn helps Haunted Huguenot Street rise from the dead

As one of the earliest settlements in Ulster County, with almost 400 years of history, Huguenot Street in New Paltz has a lot of stories to tell. Ten of the most grisly tales,…

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Tales to tell at the Ulster County Fairgrounds

The power and delight of storytelling – passing stories from generation to generation –will be celebrated again this year in New Paltz on Sunday, October 23, when the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School presents…

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