Adir L. C. (photo by Christopher Daly)

Adir L. C. releases Oceanside Cities & performs at BSP

In 2012, Fairweather Friends – a large, ragtag New Paltz musical collective led by songwriter/guitarist Adir L. C. and drummer Jed Kosiner (Whispering Olympians, Snow Bear) – released These Years on the Boat….


SNL veteran Denny Dillon teaches improv at Kingston’s Old Dutch Church

You’ve probably walked away from a conversation and immediately thought of all the things that you could have said to make your point, and in the process, maybe even presented yourself more effectively…

(José Francisco Salgado)

HVP performs Borealis with Northern Lights projections at Bardavon

Canadian composer John Estacio had a startling experience when he moved to the city of Edmonton. It was “the first time ever I experienced the glorious spectacle of the Aurora Borealis. Up until that…

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf to play UPAC

The Bardavon presents classic rock legend Meat Loaf at the Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC) in Kingston on Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. It is a rare chance to see one of…


Hermitage Piano trio performs in Kingston

The 48th annual Ulster Chamber Music Series presents the elite Hermitage Piano in a performance on Sunday, March 20 at 5 p.m. at the Church of the Holy Cross in Kingston. The trio…

The Solas An Lae dance company

Solas An Lae’s Rhinebeck show to feature The Celtic Soul of Van Morrison

“We’ve coined it American Irish, because it’s a training concept first and foremost,” says Patrick Brown, technical director for the American Irish dance company Solas An Lae. “And in performance, that training comes…

Photo of Tanya Gabrielian by Louis Seigal; André Mehmari by Dan Gunge

Improv Cubed at Bard’s Fisher Center

“History’s best composers were expected to churn out improvisational masterpieces with regularity, so why are our associations with improvisation so deeply tied to jazz, yet so little to the classic musical past?” So…

American poet Walt Whitman (1819–1892)(George Collins Cox | Courtesy of the Library of Congress)

An evening of Walt Whitman in New Paltz

The literary eminence and tastemaker Ralph Waldo Emerson declared Walt Whitman to be the first truly American poet. His sustained public endorsement of Leaves of Grass opened doors for the acceptance of Whitman’s…

Photo of Jack Dejohnette by Carlos Pericas

A change of pace for Jack DeJohnette

Jack DeJohnette switches to piano while Terri Lyne Carrington plays drums in Woodstock “I want people to come out to hear Terri play,” is one of the first things that Jack DeJohnette says when…

This year’s Festival of Dance performers include the D’amby Project, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company (shown above), the Energy Dance Company, the Nai Ni Chen Dance Company, the Neville Dance Theatre, Silver Screen Ballroom and the Syncopated City Dance Company.

Festival of Dance at UPAC in Kingston

The increasing popularity of competitive “dance-off” programs has been one of the happier outcomes of the rise of reality TV. Even for us natural-born klutzes, there’s a visceral thrill in watching people who…

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