Artist Bob Schuler outside his styrofoam dome home in High Falls. (photo by Mookie Forcella)

Last of the Cubists

The aurochs, deer and horses that have animated the cave walls of Lascaux for more than 17,000 years have begun to fall prey to bacteria. The odds of them lasting another 17 millennia…

Photo of Joann Cohen by Megan Labrise

Small package, good things at Matchbox Café

There’s a billboard on Route 9, just south of downtown Rhinebeck, urging motorists to “Stay nice…” Pictured is an open box of matches, heads ignited, with a grill set over the cumulative flame….

“Paper engineer” Robert Sabuda releases new book, readies 10 Horse Art Center

In a six-minute-long Martha Stewart video clip, Robert Sabuda demonstrates the rudiments of making a pop-up book. You fold your paper like this, slice it like that, then bend the fold back on…

frank @

Visions of Mary in Woodstock

  Mary Frank has been making art for more than six decades. Her exploration of wood, plaster, wax, clay, monotype, ink, cutout paper, paint and photography has yielded a rich body of work….

Artifacts from the Abeel Street dig in Kingston by the Armadillo restaurant

Secrets in the soil in Kingston & New Paltz

Stone houses, 350-year-old documents in old Dutch, even a wampum belt: The Hudson Valley doesn’t lack for history. But it turns out that human presence in the area goes back much, much further:…

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On the waterfront with Scenic Hudson’s Ned Sullivan

Photos by Robert Rodriguez, Jr.   Scenic Hudson’s string of parks, located up and down the Hudson River, have become interwoven with the lives of many of us who live in the Hudson Valley:…

eye @

The new meteor shower: We will collide with pieces of Comet Linear

It’s still a few days away, but our next issue may come out too late for my information to be helpful to some of you. So I’ll give it to you now, and…

Bari Koral

Bari Koral touts yoga for kids on cable TV

Sometimes the choices that we make in life lead to a kind of organic unfolding of our future selves. For singer/songwriter/musician Bari Koral, years of touring on the college circuit as a folk…

Pete Seeger (photo by Dion Ogust)

A time to dance, a time to mourn

We’ve lost our Pete. Though he truly belonged to the world, he lived so visibly, so humbly and accessibly among us here in the Hudson Valley for so long, and did so much…

Lorna Tychostup

Bordering on Treason with New Paltz’s Lorna Tychostup

The Hudson Valley Programmers’ Group will hold three special screenings of Bordering on Treason, a film by Trish Dalton documenting photojournalist Lorna Tychostup’s many trips to Iraq over the past decade. The single…

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