Groundbreaking artist/activist Candace Wheeler got her start in the Catskills

  She has been proclaimed the “mother of interior design” and footnoted by history as the “high priestess of the Aesthetic movement.” Born in the shadow of the Catskills in 1827, Candace Wheeler…

Artist Bob Schuler outside his styrofoam dome home in High Falls. (photo by Mookie Forcella)

Last of the Cubists

The aurochs, deer and horses that have animated the cave walls of Lascaux for more than 17,000 years have begun to fall prey to bacteria. The odds of them lasting another 17 millennia…

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2014 Kingston Artist Soap Box Derby

August 24, 2014: Kingston Artist Soap Box Derby Schedule: 11 am    Registration and Entry Inspection 1 pm    First entry rolls / Studio Stu gives the play-by-play at the Starting Line / WDST Radio Woodstock calls…

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Painter/poet Julie Hedrick & Church des Artistes

Julie Hedrick’s large abstract paintings reference light, pure color and limitless space: universal elements distilled from the Hudson River landscape. Following a series of canvases in which she spent a year or more…

Cal Patch in a hodge podge linen smock dress and crochet cowl (photos by Thea Coughlin)

Accord’s Cal Patch empowers people to make their own clothing

Some craftspeople are born to work in one medium. They’re woodworkers through and through, or they’re potters, or jewelers, who spend their lives immersed in a singular pursuit of one particular creative passion….

Artist Sydney Cash

Shadow artistry of Sydney Cash on view at the Falcon

Sydney Cash will be showing his renowned glass-and-mirror works alongside a new body of “remastered portraits” at the Falcon in Marlboro, his longtime creative home, through April. There will be an artist’s reception…

(MicHael X. Rose)

Michael X. Rose’s hyper-narrative, neo-Outsider epiphanies

Michael X. Rose has held a special place in the Hudson Valley art world ever since he moved up here in 2000 for an Art teaching gig at Ulster/Orange BOCES, and the room…

Edward James Olmos, LisaGay Hamilton and Yolanda Ross in Go for Sisters

Red Hook director John Sayles talks about his new film in Rosendale

For folks who start dreaming of an escape to someplace subtropical when the polar vortex comes to town, a trip to Mexico can be an appealing option. It’s somewhat more affordable these days…

This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Village Halloween Parade in New York City

Rhinebeck’s Jeanne Fleming readies for Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

Jeanne Fleming’s kitchen is abuzz with folks making soup and cappuccinos, and coming and going with materials that need the woman-of-the-house’s approval. We’re less than two weeks away from Halloween, and this is…


The otherwordly art of Kahn & Selesnick

  There’s something about good art that takes your brain and tears it wide open, forcing a space big enough for the artist’s vision. This is how I think of the work of…

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