The Ulster County Historical Society’s Bevier House Museum (photos by Suzanne Hauspurg)

Unraveling the past at the Ulster County Historical Society’s Bevier House Museum

Even without knowing the building’s current purpose, the passerby instinctively understands that the secrets of so many years lay behind its carefully crafted stone walls. Guardian to those secrets and repository for an…


Groundbreaking artist/activist Candace Wheeler got her start in the Catskills

  She has been proclaimed the “mother of interior design” and footnoted by history as the “high priestess of the Aesthetic movement.” Born in the shadow of the Catskills in 1827, Candace Wheeler…

The transformation of Abraham Lincoln

“The bells are tolling mournfully, Strong men weep in the streets. The grief is wide-spread …. This is indeed a day of gloom.” — The Washington Star, April 15, 2022   When the…

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