Adir L. C. (photo by Christopher Daly)

Adir L. C. releases Oceanside Cities & performs at BSP

In 2012, Fairweather Friends – a large, ragtag New Paltz musical collective led by songwriter/guitarist Adir L. C. and drummer Jed Kosiner (Whispering Olympians, Snow Bear) – released These Years on the Boat….

Photo of Tanya Gabrielian by Louis Seigal; André Mehmari by Dan Gunge

Improv Cubed at Bard’s Fisher Center

“History’s best composers were expected to churn out improvisational masterpieces with regularity, so why are our associations with improvisation so deeply tied to jazz, yet so little to the classic musical past?” So…

American poet Walt Whitman (1819–1892)(George Collins Cox | Courtesy of the Library of Congress)

An evening of Walt Whitman in New Paltz

The literary eminence and tastemaker Ralph Waldo Emerson declared Walt Whitman to be the first truly American poet. His sustained public endorsement of Leaves of Grass opened doors for the acceptance of Whitman’s…

John Menegon (photo by Janis Wilkins)

John Menegon sextet to play Studley Theatre

Jazz bassist/composer John Menegon forged his career as a sideman, working with leaders on the order of Dewey Redman, David “Fathead” Newman and, more recently, the great modern jazz tenor saxophonist and frequent…

Marc Ribot

Marc Ribot to play Quinn’s in Beacon

“Perfectly wrong.” The words didn’t occur to me as such, but that’s what my gut said the first time I heard Marc Ribot’s guitar-playing. As it was for most people, the occasion of…


Skeleton Key’s Chris Maxwell to launch solo LP at BSP in Kingston

The New York City band Skeleton Key’s 1997 major-label debut, Fantastic Spikes through Balloon, played out like a proof-of-concept demonstration that the saturated heft and zero-to-60 dynamics of “grunge” could be wed to…


Wood Brothers to play Helsinki Hudson

The Wood Brothers’ fifth studio album (with several live sets interspersed), 2015’s Paradise, begins with the song “Singin’ for Strangers.” Over a bawdy, sh*t-kickin’ Harvest-era Neil Young groove, Oliver Wood slathers a seemingly…

Composer Nkeiru Okoye

New Paltz premieres opera about mythological sisters who share an eyeball

When composer and SUNY-New Paltz faculty member Nkeiru Okoye hit upon the subject for her second opera We’ve Got Our Eye on You, it struck her as a welcome bit of levity and…

Burnell Pines' band imagery by Will Lytle

Catskill rock, circa 2016

The first time that I heard the term “Catskill Rock” – dropped hopefully, as a putative scene that might be vibrant enough to blip on the national radar, in the same way that…


Taj Mahal plays Bearsville this Friday

Taj Mahal’s importance as a one-man intersection of global music cannot be overstated. Beginning as an early (and top-shelf) example of a rural blues revivalist, his Muse soon proved to be restless, tireless…

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