Take the Apples, Grapes & Barley tour in Gardiner, New Paltz & Highland

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile

Five local businesses – Whitecliff Vineyard in Gardiner, Yard Owl Craft Brewery in Gardiner, Kettleborough Cider House in New Paltz, Bad Seed Cider in Highland and Gardiner Liquid Mercantile, a new restaurant/store/bar in Gardiner that serves only local drinks – will come together on Saturday, May 21 to offer a $25 tasting tour with the theme of “bubbles.” Focusing on small-scale, high-quality craft alcohol production, “Apples, Grapes & Barley” is designed to introduce sippers to the broad variety of artisanal beverages bubbling up around the area, including fine champagne from locally grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, small-batch keg-conditioned beers and unique local hard ciders.

Highlighting an emerging trend in agricultural development – one that aims toward diversity and traditional crop experimentation – the event celebrates the efforts of New York State growers and entrepreneurs to expand on the variety of products becoming available. High-quality, small-batch production is taking hold and bringing tourism to the area, as people expose themselves to the excellent tastes and textures of local brews, ciders and wines. And as Yancey Stanforth-Migliore, co-owner with Michael Migliore of Whitecliff Vineyard, writes, “The range of businesses involved says a lot about how agriculture is changing in our area.”

Each location on the tour will provide a sampling of four products and accompanying snacks, with specials and discounts available for ticketholders. All five stops are within 15 miles of each other, and tasting tickets can be purchased in advance at a discount for $20 at www.whitecliffwine.com or from any of the participating businesses. They can also be purchased for $25 at each business on the day of the tour.


Apples, Grapes & Barley, Saturday, May 21, 12 noon-5 p.m., $25/$20, Whitecliff Vineyard, 331 McKinstry Road, Gardiner, (845) 255-4613, www.whitecliffwine.com; Yard Owl Craft Brewery, 19 Osprey Lane, Gardiner, (845) 255-3436, www.yardowlcraftbrewery.com; Kettleborough Cider House, 277 State Route 208, New Paltz, (845) 255-7717, www.kettleboroughciderhouse.com; Bad Seed Cider, 43 Bailey’s Gap Road, Highland, (845) 236-0956, www.badseedhardcider.com; Gardiner Liquid Mercantile, 128 Main Street, Gardiner, (845) 633-8764, www.gardinerliquidmercantile.com.

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