Great places to hear live music in the Hudson Valley

The Maverick

120 Maverick Road in Woodstock

Woodstock’s Maverick Concert Series is celebrating 99 years as one of the most challenging and imaginative serious chamber music programs anywhere. In recent years, it has relaxed the definition of “serious” to include serious jazz and children’s music; but range and outsider, maverick thinking are Maverick’s calling card. Maverick Concerts continues the vision of Hervey White, founder of the Maverick Art Colony. Artists and other volunteers built the hand-hewn “music chapel” in 1916, and the Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. See the full concert schedule at


The Empire State Railway Museum

70 Lower High Street, Phoenicia

The Empire State Railway Museum in Phoenicia is the site of approximately 12 intimate musical performances annually, produced by Flying Cat Music. The series presents national and touring acts in the roots/Americana vein in the acoustically exquisite, dark-wood-paneled passenger waiting room of the Empire State Railway Museum. Built in 1899, the museum accommodates approximately 50 people for performances. Visit



136 Partition Street, Saugerties

Cue in Saugerties is proof positive that it’s the commitment to music, not the physical space, that makes a venue. The authentic barbecue joint is a seasonal venue: On summer nights they roll a PA system out on to the gravel of the patio bar and some of the region’s best singer/songwriters play to the often-unsuspecting diners. For more information, call (845) 246-4283 or visit


New World Home Cooking

1411 Route 212, Saugerties

New World Home Cooking in Saugerties has been hosting live music for years. Its large, flexible space has accommodated everything from Latin dance parties with Soñando to intimate evenings with veteran and beginner singer/songwriters. As with so many of the best local venues, the talent roster here is actively curated and tailored to the space and the vibe. Says music manager Sid Orlando, Chef Ric’s daughter, “The energy in the room is critical.” New World Home Cooking is located at 1411 Route 212 in Saugerties. Call (845) 246-0900 for more information or visit


Snug Harbor

36 Main Street, New Paltz

New Paltz’s infamous rock dive bar is really no dive at all, but rather a warm, raucous, small music bar where the crowd is right up in the band’s face, but the band won’t turn down and the magic happens. Snug’s is not afraid of the harder end of rock, but, as with most college-town music bars, the roster is eclectic and surprising. For more information, call (845) 256-0825 or check it out at



4 South Chestnut Street, New Paltz

Bacchus Restaurant and Bar is a New Paltz institution that never did live music – just didn’t do it. It was the one bar in town that you could visit to converse at a comfortable level. Then one night the owners slid a pool table out of the way and found that they had a natural music club on their hands, and it has been a hopping music joint on the weekends ever since. Because of the length of the room and the height of the ceiling and the attached auxiliary spaces (a pool hall and a variety of decks and porches, including a heated patio), it remains the most conversation-friendly bar in town. Bacchus began as a rustic and roots-oriented venue, but that’s all out the window now. What plays here is, generally, the best that the town of New Paltz has to offer, from indie-rock to funk to psychedelic and bluegrass. For more information, call (845) 255-8636 or visit


Unison Arts Center

68 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz

In its bright and airy multi-purpose performance and gallery space just outside of New Paltz, Unison has hosted years and years’ worth of adventurous programming: classical music, dance, cabaret, jazz, family acts and world music virtuosi, to name a few. Recent features include the Sunday Salon series, a program that combines performances with chats. For more information, call (845) 255-1559 or visit


Water Street Market

10 Main Street, New Paltz

The stylish, art-and-antique-lined downtown mini-mall was clearly designed to be a Mecca for tourists. Much to the surprise of everyone, it has also become a thriving cultural and congregational center for the community, using the lovely amphitheater on its south end for a summer Thursday concert series and a variety of other performances and events in all seasons. For more information call (845) 255-1403 or visit


Jordan’s Bistro & Pizzeria 

52 Main Street, New Paltz

Sometimes all it takes to make a venue is available floor space, some imagination and a good relationship with the kids on this street. This is how Jordan’s in New Paltz has made a big splash in the live music scene on a street that already has more than a few options. Jordan specializes in all-ages shows, which usually translates into: loud, fast, young and sweaty. But as the proprietors point out, Jordan’s has featured its fair share of jazz and classic rock as well, and is open to all kinds of music. Unlike many small venues, Jordan’s even provides a serviceable small PA system. Call (845) 255-0096.


Team Love RavenHouse Gallery

11 Church Street, New Paltz

It is hard to say in a single utterance what Team Love RavenHouse Gallery actually is. It is a joint partnership of sorts between a boutique, national record store and record label (Team Love, co-founded by New Paltz’s Nate Krenkel and the famous songwriter Connor Oberst) and a gallery/performance space (RavenHouse) curated by Cornelia Calder. The physical location hosts frequent art shows, and they are often accompanied by live music performance, usually in a vein that you would broadly call “indie.” Team Love RavenHouse maintains open hours Friday through Sunday. Visit


The Tin Roof Sessions

New Paltz

The brainchild of New Paltz-based musician Taylor Davis (Yard Sale) and Team Love Records owner Nate Krenkel, the Tin Roof Sessions converted Davis’ old stone garage in the Village of New Paltz into a cozy venue for house concerts and listening-room-type shows. Exploiting Krenkel’s industry connections (the label Team Love was co-founded by Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes), the Tin Roof Sessions have lured in a number of notable national performers despite the extreme intimacy of the space. From the outset, the pair’s goal was to document performances lovingly, in both audio and video, and make the sessions available online. So Tin Roof is both an active concert series and an archive. Shows happen on Sunday afternoons and always feature two acts, usually pairing a national act with a sympathetic local talent. For information on location and upcoming sessions, visit


Oasis Café

58 Main Street, New Paltz

Oasis is New Paltz’s hot spot for nightly music. The molten, cavelike club features the full spectrum of rock, dance, funk, reggae and various groove musics, generally, but with plenty of college bands and weird stuff as well. Music is a chronic thing here. It starts late and goes late.

Call (845) 255-2400 or visit




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