Aubrey Haddard of Breakfast for the Boys (photo by Snappy Jeff)

Breakfast for the Boys launches new LP at Snug’s in New Paltz

At first exposure, New Paltz’s Breakfast for the Boys might appear to be a fairly typical, if highly skilled and impassioned, original funk, soul and blues project. Catch a few shows, however, and…


Aaron Diehl Trio & Cécile McLorin Salvant play Billie Holiday Centenary at Bard

Listening to jazz pianist Aaron Diehl play anything, it is not hard to surmise that this gaudily decorated young star of the jazz piano rejects all that is skronky, unruly and “free” in…

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt

Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt play UPAC on Sunday

Supergroups and all-star collaborations don’t always seem to be based on organic friendship and mutual respect (or even musical rapport, necessarily), but money and attention do have a way of softening the clash…

(Photo by Frances Marion Platt)

Beltane Festival in Tillson

Back in the bad old days of the Inquisition, May Eve got a bad rap from the Church as Walpurgisnacht, a time when witches were believed to be abroad doing malicious mischief. But…


Green Goats benefit concert at Helsinki Hudson

Goats may not really eat tin cans, as they were depicted doing in the Saturday-morning cartoons of our youth; but it’s true that they are not the pickiest eaters in the animal kingdom….

Fishbone (photo by Steady Jenny)

Rock N Roll Resort V5 this weekend in Kerhonkson

With a heady and heavy fusion of ska, funk and chopsy hard rock, and with a showmanship that bordered on manic Dada, Fishbone’s influence on modern rock – especially the definitive modern rock…

Tani Tabbal (photo by Albert Brooks)

Tani Tabbal Trio at Quinn’s in Beacon

“What’s traditional in jazz is the point of change,” declares the website of the elite jazz drummer and Ulster County resident Tani Tabbal. Hinging on the multiple meanings of the word “point,” it…


Guitarist, composer and jazz curator James Keepnews in Beacon

The Beacon guitarist, composer and jazz curator James Keepnews concludes his month-long multimedia performance piece Feed at the Catalyst Gallery in Beacon on Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25. With Feed, Keepnews…

(Photo by Matt Charland)

24-Hour Drone Music festival at Basilica Hudson

It is not like the avant-garde to be quite so blunt and denotative in its choice of words, but “24-Hour Drone: Experiments in Sound and Music” could hardly be more level-headed and descriptive….

Violinist Elizabeth Silver performing part of Ars Choralis’s “Music in Desperate Times: Remembering the Women’s Orchestra of Birkenau” at Ravensbrück’s annual Liberation Day ceremony in Germany in 2009. (photo by Karen Levine)

Sustaining notes: Ars Choralis performs “Music in Desperate Times”

Whether your personal musical tastes run to Beyoncé or Bach, you’ve no doubt experienced music’s transformative power to lift spirits, deepen a somber mood, inspire action or leave you with thoughts worth pondering….

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