Prizewinning local filmmaker Susan Hamovitch has made a featurelength documentary that follows a storm survivor from New Orleans’ hard-hit St. Bernard Parish, Susan Boutwell LaGrange, through the first four years after Katrina as she struggles to lift her family out of poverty.

Surviving Katrina is just Square One

Kerhonkson filmmaker’s Stood for the Storm at Rosendale Theatre Out of great traumas come great stories, testifying to the heartening human capacity for forging creation out of destruction. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath…

Ivy Meeropol’s documentary Indian Point covers the dramatic debate over nuclear power by going inside the plant that is at the center of the most contentious re-licensing process in the history of the industry.  It will be showing at the Beacon International Film Festival on Saturday, September 19 at 8:15 p.m.

Beacon International Film Festival this weekend

While impatiently waiting for the Woodstock Film Festival to haul its Fiercely Independent self back into town, aficionados of cutting-edge indie cinema have an opportunity this weekend to get an early fix across…

Travel writer Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) takes a long-lost old friend (Nick Nolte) for a hike along the Appalachian Trail in A Walk in the Woods.

Nolte & Redford can’t salvage a disappointing Walk in the Woods

When Bill Bryson’s humorous memoir of his abortive attempt to through-hike the Appalachian Trail, A Walk in the Woods, came out in 1998, it was one of those books that nearly everybody you…

A still from Farewell to Factory Towns.

Free Film Festival at the Woodstock Museum in Saugerties

It was more than just another time. It was almost as if we were on another planet, living in a different world of ideas and possibilities. The counterculture of the 1960’s has been packaged and labeled…

Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel in The End of the Tour.

Jason Segel riveting as David Foster Wallace in The End of the Tour

Think of the best raconteurs you’ve known in your life. Chances are good that they had mastered the art of balancing performance with authentic personal communication. Sharp intelligence, broad life experience, facility with…

Shaun the Sheep is based on a British TV show that is itself a spinoff of the 1995 Wallace and Gromit short film A Close Shave

Shear delight: Shaun the Sheep is a wild & wooly animated romp for all ages

The ease with which a person with even a modicum of curiosity can get sucked into the research vortex is both a boon and a bane of modern technology-assisted existence. In the olden…

Winter’s Bone was shot at actual homes in the Ozarks, with much of the supporting cast recruited among residents of the area. One such non-actor was a burly biker named Ron Hall, a veteran of two tours of duty in Vietnam who goes by the nickname Stray Dog in real life and played backwoods meth kingpin Thump Milton in the movie.  Hall is shown above with his great-grandson and his granddaughter, Robin, in Stray Dog. (Eric Phillips-Horst | Still Rolling Productions)

Winter’s Bone director Debra Granik to discuss new doc Stray Dog at Upstate Films

Independent filmmaker Debra Granik first made her mark as a highly talented iconoclast with one of the most successful feature films ever shot in the mid-Hudson Valley, Down to the Bone. It won…

Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine   (photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures)

Preview screening of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine in Woodstock

Though he didn’t become a household name until the release of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room in 2005, Alex Gibney was copping Emmys for his TV documentaries as early as 1992….

Paul Rudd in Ant-man

Going buggy: Ant-Man is a likable, lightweight Marvel morsel

The bad news about Ant-Man (no news at all to serious Marvel fans) is that it could have been better if Edgar Wright, director of the highly esteemed Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, who…


Jack Walls exhibit opens with performance and screening at Basilica Hudson

For one who has reported that he doesn’t believe in the art world, Jack Walls must be counted among the singularly in outsiders. Finding himself as a young man at the center of…

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