(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Favorite illusions: Halloween surprises

Trick or treat! It’s Halloween. In a way, the holiday never ends. Make-believe will remain after all the shaving cream is cleaned up. Ding-dong! It’s a world of illusion. Okay, fine – as long…

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Colors in the sky

As the final fall colors fade, we can get a “refill” by looking up. And when it comes to the sky, we learn a lot from its colors. Start with a cloudless day….

Hoops readied in the vegetable garden. (photo by Lee Reich)

Getting the jump on winter

Much colder weather has been sneaking in and out of the garden but leaving traces of its presence with some blackened leaves on frost-sensitive plants and threatening to brazenly show itself in full…

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Sustainable agriculture expert to speak in New Paltz

The so-called Green Revolution of the mid-20th century was a wonderful human achievement in some respects, enhancing world food security substantially and credited with saving more than a billion people to date from…

Inside John Doe Records

Meet John Doe: Hudson’s mysterious “Record Shopppe”

“Is this the same place?” is a question that John Doe Records owner Dan Seward gets a lot. Though he has been in the business of record retail for almost 20 years, Seward…

Lee clearing his garden in October (photo by Deb Goldman)

Prep your soil now

Maple leaves already dapple the ground in red and yellow (early this year); one morning showed off what was to come with frost on the windshield; and each day the sun hangs lower in…

(Photo by Sean Chin)

Fog and the vast dark nebulae

It’s now dark and moonless. October weather tends to be clear. It all adds up to our final optimum astronomy opportunity before the long months of overcast and stratus statistically begin, in early…

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

NYS Sheep & Wool Festival at Dutchess Fairgrounds

According to ancient Greek mythology, the lifespan of every man and woman lies in the hands of three fiber artists, the Moirai or Fates: Clotho, who spins out the thread of life, Lachesis,…

Zahara zinnias (photo by Lee Reich)

Late bloomers: Zahara zinnias and autumn crocuses

And the winner is… Every year boxes of plants arrive at my doorstep, sent by nurseries and seed companies hoping to wow me with their products, which I will then praise and induce you…

Valley Uprising co-director Nick Rosen working in Yosemite (photo by courtesy of Sender Films)

New Paltz Climbing Film Festival

“There’s a fine line between boldness and stupidity.” So says one veteran climber in the trailer for Valley Uprising: Yosemite’s Rock Climbing Revolution, the centerpiece of the 2014 Reel Rock Film Tour, which…

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