Jed Sherman shovels out Likwid, his skateboard shop in downtown New Paltz. (photo by Lucia O'Corozine)

Surveys show that you love our weather

Our government did a survey a few years ago, about how people felt about their region’s climate. Believe it or not, 59 percent of those in the Northeast said they liked it. That…

Under good conditions, such as in the ground in Florida, an avocado pit would need eight years or more before it became old enough to bear fruit.

Pinching back tops helps avocado houseplants branch

This far north, an avocado plant provides reliable entertainment and, less reliably, the makings of guacamole. The entertainment doesn’t compare with the excitement of a car chase on the silver screen; it’s slower,…

Artist Bob Schuler outside his styrofoam dome home in High Falls. (photo by Mookie Forcella)

Last of the Cubists

The aurochs, deer and horses that have animated the cave walls of Lascaux for more than 17,000 years have begun to fall prey to bacteria. The odds of them lasting another 17 millennia…

Haws cans are still made; my two-gallon galvanized Haws watering cans have served me and my plants well for over 20 years. (photo by Lee Reich)

Three great gardening books to while away the winter

I’ve been gardening for more than 30 years. Don’t be impressed: The number of years spent with hands in the dirt doesn’t necessarily confer any particular expertise in the field (pun intended). Some…

Photo of Joann Cohen by Megan Labrise

Small package, good things at Matchbox Café

There’s a billboard on Route 9, just south of downtown Rhinebeck, urging motorists to “Stay nice…” Pictured is an open box of matches, heads ignited, with a grill set over the cumulative flame….

DC Comics’ Nightwing pursues a cadre of brainwashers and rogue geneticists, headed by villainess Talia al Ghul, to their base at Bannerman’s Castle

Many comic book heroes have Hudson Valley roots

New York has always been an activity hub in the Marvel Universe. The company was founded by a City kid, Stan Lee, and the bulk of its classic characters were drawn and fleshed…

Postcard of the D&H Canal with the Depuy Canal House in the background. The main part of the stone structure now housing the restaurant, originally an inn, was built by Simeon Depuy in 1797 and sold to the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company during the 1830s for use as offices, a store and overnight accommodations for locktenders and passing canalboat operators. (courtesy of D&H Canal Historical Society and Museum)

D&H Canal Historical Society awarded grant to acquire Depuy Canal House

For the past 45 years, thanks to the genius of chef/owner John Novi, the Depuy Canal House Restaurant in the center of the High Falls hamlet has had a well-earned reputation as one…

Austrian physicist Victor Hess (center) carried a charge-measuring instrument aloft in a balloon in 1912, and found that charges changed as he ascended.

High-energy cosmic rays: You better duck

Cosmic Rays have a mysterious-sounding name, and live up to it. Even their history is intriguing. Their presence was first suspected over a century ago, when physicists noticed that electrically charged laboratory objects…

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Your garden can change the size of your carbon footprint

I’m enjoying this interlude, with essentially nothing to do, farmdenwise, for a few weeks: no planting, no pruning, no weeding. Seeds have been ordered and the greenhouse, full of lettuce and kale and…

This 1923 dirigible-eye view renders details of the entire City of Hudson as well as 20 close-up views of individual buildings, including the 1818 stone structure on State Street that currently houses the library and its future home, the Hudson Armory.

1923 aerial lithograph sales help Hudson Library

By 1923, the field of aviation was still new and exciting, just two decades removed from the Wright brothers’ historic 12-second flight over the beach at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Barnstorming pilots traveled…

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