Artist’s concept drawing of NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft entering interstellar space (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

News from the edge of the solar system

Two years ago, the first human-made object left the solar system. That was Voyager 1. Right now, in late August and early September, it’s also the anniversary of the launching of both Voyagers,…

frank @

Visions of Mary in Woodstock

  Mary Frank has been making art for more than six decades. Her exploration of wood, plaster, wax, clay, monotype, ink, cutout paper, paint and photography has yielded a rich body of work….

Gayle Beatty-wide

Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley

Imagine that you’re walking in the woods when suddenly you’re overcome by a skunky, sewery smell. Could it be your companion? Or could it be…Bigfoot? The legendary creature might not be your first…

Lee with pear espalier in Mt. Vernon, WA

Fruit nut cluster: Inspiration at the NAFEX meeting

Are there organizations for people who make and eat cheese, build and ride motorcycles, write and read books, grow and savor fruits? All I know is that the answer to the existence of the…


Summer’s best weekend: Worth looking up

Time for easy astronomy – loveliness that soothes the soul but require no charts, no knowledge. It’s right now, the next clear night. The Moon is absent. Skies are dark and starry. All…

Arm-of-the-Sea Theater co-founder Patrick Wadden preparing for this weekend’s Esopus Creek Puppet Suite in Saugerties

Esopus Creek Puppet Suite in Saugerties

I’m interested in finding the universal in the particular,” says Patrick Wadden, co-founder of Saugerties-based Arm-of-the-Sea Theater. “For many years, a lot of our shows were very symbolic, abstract kind of things; that’s…


Summer Hoot at Ashokan Center

The ironic thing about folk and roots music is that, for all its association in the popular mind with progressive politics and social change, it is fundamentally conservative in nature – in the…

Still from 'A Will for the Woods'

Learn more about green burial in Rhinebeck

Ever go for a drive through central Queens or along Long Island’s Southern State Parkway and feel amazed that so many square miles of real estate are dedicated to rows of headstones? Not…

HudsonRiverSchool stamps

Send a letter for free with the new Hudson River School stamps

The US Post Office will release a new series of Forever Stamps on Thursday, August 21 that commemorates paintings of the Hudson River School. Amy Hufnagel, Olana’s new director of education, will be at…

(Photo by Jenny Downing)

Growing darkness: How it really works

Of course you’ve noticed that we have less daylight than we did in July. Maybe you listen to public radio and hear the meteorologist recite the number of hours and minutes of sunshine today….

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