Austrian physicist Victor Hess (center) carried a charge-measuring instrument aloft in a balloon in 1912, and found that charges changed as he ascended.

High-energy cosmic rays: You better duck

Cosmic Rays have a mysterious-sounding name, and live up to it. Even their history is intriguing. Their presence was first suspected over a century ago, when physicists noticed that electrically charged laboratory objects…

The Walkway Café and Catering Company in Highland is located at 6 Haviland Road. Pictured are owners Gerard McCluskey and Ann Marie Corso. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Walkway Café and Catering Co. in Highland

It’s probably a good thing that Ann Marie Corso and Gerard McCluskey opened their new Walkway Café and Catering Company in January during the off season, because as soon as the warm weather…

Brian and Marie Murphy have recently opened Murphy’s Bistro and Tavern at 155 Main Street in High Falls, the former location of The Northern Spy. They have three daughters named Lily, Allison and Emma. Pictured with them is two-year-old Allison. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Murphy’s Bistro and Tavern in High Falls

For foodies in the vicinity of High Falls, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that two long-established popular local eateries have recently gone out of business. The good news…

The Russo family poses for a photo with some of the authentic Italian delicacies available at their deli located at 164 Main Street in New Paltz. Left to right: Vincenzo with rosemary foccacia, Carmine with Grana Padano, Marina with pizza rustica and Debbie with mini Italian cheese cakes. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Old-World gourmet goodies at Russo’s Italian Deli

There are certain types of businesses that are essential to have in a town the size of New Paltz, if you want to encourage people to “shop local,” and one of those is…

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Your garden can change the size of your carbon footprint

I’m enjoying this interlude, with essentially nothing to do, farmdenwise, for a few weeks: no planting, no pruning, no weeding. Seeds have been ordered and the greenhouse, full of lettuce and kale and…

(Courtesy of FASNY Museum of Firefighting)

Kids’ Almanac (Jan. 15-22)

“When I was 14, I learned what transgender meant and cried of happiness.” – Leelah Alcorn, 17 years   Trevor Project: a resource for LGBTQ youth How can we support teens who identify…

Sammy and a coldframe (photo by Lee Reich)

Coldframe comfort: A greenhouse alternative

You can’t beat the luxuriousness of entering a greenhouse on a sunny, cold winter day and hitting that welcome wall of moist warm air. Once you get through that soft wall, you drink…

Enza Greco is the proprietor of the new il Mercato Italian Marketplace located at 85 North Road in Highland. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Highland’s new il Mercato Italian Marketplace

There have already been so many return visitors to the recently opened il Mercato Italian Marketplace at 85 North Road in Highland that at first, co-owner Enza Greco thought something must be wrong….


Venus, meet Mercury: Oddities of a fabulous conjunction

The planets Venus and Mercury will be truly noteworthy the next ten days. They’ll do a photobomb. Venus had a crummy 2014, but now returns with a vengeance. Look low in the west…

Ilyasah Shabazz

Kids’ Almanac (Jan. 8-15)

“Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” – Mary Ann Pietzker, Miscellaneous Poems, 1872   Lego invention contest at Museum Village in Monroe For any kids from 6 to 11 years…

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