(Photo by Julie O’Connor)

Kids’ Almanac (Aug. 14-21)

“Ninety percent of success is achieved by knowing you have something incredible to offer and having tenacious persistence.” – Jesse Saperstein, best-selling author and autism/anti-bullying advocate   Get in the swim! Now that…

Murray’s in Tivoli (photo by Roy Gumpel)

Murray’s in Tivoli serves brunch all day

It’s about the community, they say. “We’re not a coffeeshop and we’re not a restaurant,” says Jake Stortini of the place that he co-owns with Jesse Feldmus. But Murray’s, their place in Tivoli,…

Lee’s favorite hoe, the winged weeder.

Plentiful rain demands the right weeding tool

Part of my weedless gardening technique (which I thoroughly fleshed out in my book Weedless Gardening) involves – sad to say, for some people – weeding. After all, no garden can ever be truly weedless….

(Zoom Flume)

Kids’ Almanac (August 7-14)

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air’s salubrity.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Watery wonderlands: Zoom Flume & SplashDown Beach We’re lucky to have two dedicated water parks in…

moon @

Don’t miss the MegaMoon

It’s coming up Sunday night: the closest and largest Moon of 2014. What’s cool is that the Moon reaches an extreme perigee the very same hour in which it is full. As a…

Indian pipes (photo by Lee Reich)

How Indian pipes thrive without chlorophyll

I do occasionally tear myself away from the farmden. So into the woods I went last Friday, and as I was hiking along and glancing down at the trail, I came upon one of…

Jason Schuler of Drink More Good

Fizz whiz: Make your own natural soda with Drink More Good in Beacon

Most soda has a bad rap. It’s mass-produced by corporations, way too high in chemicals and high-fructose corn syrup and often not the best-tasting substance, either. Yet millions are addicted to it, to…

(Dominic Alves)

Best week for shooting stars and other streakers

Normally we watch the summer meteors on August 11. Indeed, our annual Night of the Shooting Stars program will unfold that night at Mohonk Mountain House. But listen up: The Moon will then…

(Storm King Art Center)

Kids’ Almanac (July 31-August 7)

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt   Swim across the Hudson to benefit Beacon’s River Pool The…

Mexican bean beetle threesome (photo by Lee Reich)

Jumpin’ Mexican bean beetles!

Every year it seems that some new plague is ready to attack plants. A few years ago, late blight of tomato moved to the fore. Emerald ash borer, threatening ash trees, was first found…

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