Rugose Coral

The fossil photographs of Art Murphy

For most people, “local history” means names and events dating back at best a century or two. But for Art Murphy, a fine art photographer who lives on a winding, wooded road in…

Astrid Fitzgerald’s No. 60, Acrylic on Canvas

Astrid Fitzgerald show at pop-up gallery in High Falls

Recently vacated storefronts in a business district are a sad reminder of our tough economy. The empty windows once filled with eye-catching merchandise now showcase an empty and barren room – one that…

Massai children, Tanzania, Africa, photographed for Travel and Leisure.

Globetrotting Woodstock photographer John Huba

John Huba’s photographs capture a world that seems almost impossibly exotic right now to my color-starved, winter-weary eyes: a quartet of zebras crossing in formation on an African plain; a spiky-spined iguana blinking…

Detail of Kevin Cook's Passing through the Highlands

The Luminist canvases of Kevin Cook

Quintessentially rugged American landscapes under luminous skies, suffused with poetic light and imbued with drama: The Hudson River School of painting that flourished in the 19th century immortalized the region in which we…

Matt Bua’s “Catamount Museum” on West Bridge Street in Catskill.

Matt Bua’s places to come in out of the rain

Matt Bua – the Catskill creative force who built the two-story wooden cat alongside one of his adopted village’s main entrance roads, has a new book on imaginary architecture receiving kudos, and is…

Jack DeJohnette (photo by Dion Ogust)

Mimlitsch-Gray, DeJohnette & Goss named USA Fellows

The cool thing about the big national awards that just descend on people – like the MacArthur Foundation’s half-million-dollar so-called “genius” awards – is the way in which they describe what’s best about…

Adolfas Mekas with cinematic halo.

The many lives of Adolfas Mekas

In his book of short stories Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, neuroscientist David Eagleman imagines three deaths. The first death is when the body ceases to function: the second death is when…

Robert H. Draffen at his studio.

Bob Draffen retrospective

I hadn’t seen Bob Draffen in close to 20 years when I ran into his wife Ann at a show in High Falls of works by the late Jan Sawka. Draffen, Sawka and…

Artist Will Cotton on the Peter and the Wolf set in progress. (photo by Angela Conant)

Guggenheim commissions Will Cotton to create set

Since we were children, many of us have treasured the holiday traditions of Manhattan: the performance of The Nutcracker by the New York City Ballet, the Rockettes’ Holiday Spectacular, the decorated tree in…

Painted Glass by Gay Leonhardt.

Leonhardt and Barr exhibit opens this Saturday

“Glass Paper Sidewalk” is the terse title of the show opening September 8 at Saugerties’ Doghouse Gallery of work by Gay Leonhardt and Loel Barr: collaborative as well as individual photographs and drawings….

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