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Why I plant my garlic earlier than recommended

Into the ground goes the stinking rose. That’s garlic. As a matter of fact, by the time you read this, my garlic cloves will have been in the ground for a while –…

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Marco Benevento at BSP

Rhapsody – my (paid) music-streaming platform of choice – has, with its mind clearly elsewhere, categorized the music of the keyboardist and composer/songwriter Marco Benevento as “Free Jazz.” This is worth a laugh,…

Almanac Weekly’s Night Sky columnist Bob Berman in his observatory in Willow (photo by Andrea Barrist Stern)

How to see an aurora

Last week a powerful X-class solar flare erupted smack in the middle of the Sun. It was optimally positioned to affect Earth. We broadcast live solar views the next day on our community…

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in The Trip To Italy

The Trip to Italy does nothing new, but in a funny way

Of late, food porn has leapt off the pages of glossy magazines to constitute a movie genre of its own, successfully manifesting just these past few months in Chef and The 100-Foot Journey….

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Prismatic Mantis releases Swords of Truth

Now that the ’70s are over, let’s reinvent the word “fusion” for a new millennium. Swords of Truth, the new album by the Ulster County-based Prismatic Mantis, is music that you can comfortably…

Inside the Golden Notebook in Woodstock (photo by Dion Ogust)

Book this: A guide to autumn literary events

For poets, writers and readers, the Hudson Valley marries the best of both worlds: the proximity of New York City’s fertile cultural life and the virtues of the country sojourn, from uplifting natural…

Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton in the 1984 cult classic Repo Man.

BasilicaScope highlights work of Alex Cox in Hudson

Basilica Hudson is rapidly emerging as a truly cutting-edge Hudson Valley performing arts venue, following up last weekend’s SoundScape extravaganza of indie and experimental music with a weekend film festival called BasilicaScope. The…

Jogn Cage (photo by Guido Harari)

Celebrating John Cage at Bard

The experimental composer John Cage’s cultural importance is so wide-ranging and various – seemingly residing in cultural theory, Zen philosophy, poetry, multimedia and mass-media-baiting every bit as much as in music – that…

(Left) Hans Holbein the Elder (German, ca. 1465 - 1524) Portrait of a Woman, ca. 1508, silverpoint, ink, and chalk heightened with white on white prepared paper, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Woodner Collection; (right) Hans Burgkmair I (German, 1473 - 1531) and Jost de Negker (German, ca. 1485 - 1544) Emperor Maximilian I on Horseback, 1508/1518, chiaroscuro woodcut printed from two blocks on laid paper, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Rosenwald Collection.

“Imperial Augsburg” at Vassar pays tribute to hotbed of Renaissance art

If asked to name European cities that were major hotbeds of Renaissance culture, not many Americans would find “Augsburg” leaping to the tip of their tongue. That’s not because the ancient Bavarian city…

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Christine Lavin headlines Founders’ Event at Unison

For the Unison Arts & Learning Center to be celebrating its 38th year in existence says something about both the organization and the community who have supported it over the years, says Christine…

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